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The word “body” evokes many images – some of which are sexual, and some others are more aesthetic, spiritual or even clinical. We perceive the human body differently, and this explains how indifferent or concerned we are about our bodies.

Today men and women shed clothes and show their bodies for various reasons: they protest against global warming, earn money, donate money to charitable organizations, and to protect the environment. Philosophers would not agree that the body is really so important, considering it only as a tool or instrument for expressing a personal/interpersonal identity. However, the body is an important aspect of art, culture, and society, and with such great importance that is given to the body in our time, it is necessary to have a psychology of the body.


There are three main aspects of the psychology body are as follow:

  • Body Language
  • Body Awareness
  • Body Image
  • The body is the first and most important tool by which we recognize ourselves and others. Our perception of our bodies or other people body is directly related to the image of the body. The image of the body is the perception of our shape and size, and basically, it concerns our physical appearance. To develop self-esteem and a sense of inner beauty, a positive body image is needed.

    This, of course, leads us to another important function of the body – the interactive element and the role of the body in communication. Body language is as important as the verbal language of communication, and the interaction between two people is largely based on non-verbal communication, most of which is in body language.

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