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Probably less than you know or are interested in the type of plastic from which bottles are made and we daily consume water and other drinks from the bottles. This is extremely important, since the material determines whether a bottle can be used only once or is suitable for repeated use. All plastic bottles on the market are mandatory marking that can orient us so that material tends to release chemicals stored in liquid:


Marked with this sign bottles are only disposable. When reusing plastic is likely to release heavy metals and substances that create hormonal imbalance in the human body. Despite this danger, it is the most commonly used type of plastic for the production of bottles. That is why it is important that this type of packaging to be used only once, then be discharged into appropriate containers for recycling. By reusing the bottle symbol PET or PETE, one must be ready, it is likely to take a huge amount of alkaline elements and bacteria that are released from plastic.


Plastic marked with this sign does not emit any pollutants. It is advisable to drink water from bottles produced precisely from such plastic. This is an environmentally friendly material that is fully recycled. You can store milk and food for children in these bottles.

PVC or V


Made of this kind of plastic emit a small amount, but harmful substances from 2 hazardous chemicals. Both compounds have a negative impact on the balance of hormones in the body. PVC bottles are soft, flexible and most commonly used for the packaging of oil, olive oil and other oils. It is not excluded on the market to meet and toys made ​​from this type of plastic.


This is a mark that is most often found in bottles storing water as plastics do not release harmful chemicals into the inserted liquid. It is important to remember that this type of material is safe only if used for water storage.


This is a white plastic – polypropylene. In most cases it is translucent. It is concentrated in the packaging of milk and various syrups.


Affordable, lightweight and durable plastic – polystyrene is not suitable for storing hot food and drinks. Despite the proven danger precisely this type of material used in making coffee cups or boxes for food storage. If you do not have to be used cups or packaging products such plastic is important to remember that all can not be heated and stored food and drinks should be placed cold.

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