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C++ is an object-oriented programming (OOP)language, which is viewed by many to be the best language for creating large-scale applications. C++ is a superset of the language C language. Connected Java programming language based on C++, but is optimized for the distribution of program objects in a network such as the Internet.

C++ is a programming language developed in 1979 by the Danish programmer with an amazing name Bjarne Stroustrup. Initially it was called “C with Classes”, and was renamed C++ in 1983 ++ means adding 1 to the number in programming, so that C++ roughly means “one better than C.”

The first classes of the C compiler called Cfront, which is derived from the compiler called the CPRE. It was a program designed to convert C code with classes for normal C. A very interesting point to note is that Cfront was written mostly in C classes, which makes self-hosting compiler (a compiler that can compile). Cfront later abandoned in 1993 after it became difficult to integrate new functions, namely C++ exceptions. Nevertheless, Cfront have a huge impact on the future implementation of the translators and the Unix operating system.


In mid-2011, the new C ++ standard (known as C ++11) has been completed. Some of the new features included support for regular expressions, complete randomization of the library, the new C++ runtime library, Atomics support, the standard thread library (which until 2011 C and C++ is absent), for new loop syntax provides functionality similar to Foreach lines in several other languages, automatic keyword, the new container classes, better support for unions and lists initializing arrays and variable number of templates.

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