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Early devices used to aid in the abacus calculation include abacus (still common in East Asia) and counting rods, or “bones” of the Scottish mathematician John Napier. The slide rule invented in 1622 by William Oughtred, an English mathematician, has been widely used to make approximate calculations, but it was replaced by an electronic calculator. In 1642, Blaise Pascal invented what is probably the first calculating machine, using simple geared wheels.

Electronic pocket calculator with LCD display with seven segments that can perform arithmetic operations. Modern scientific calculator with dot matrix LCD display. Electronic calculator is a small, portable electronic device that is used to perform arithmetic operations on both the major and complex mathematical operations.


Some electronic calculators are actually small computers with limited memory and programmable capabilities. Since the calculator has become a versatile tool for many other models now include features tailored to specific groups. Simple functional calculators can be found in most homes, and standard technology in mobile phones. They are useful for performing mathematical to solve tough maths questions and answers such as multiplication, division, subtract, addition, percentage, etc.

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