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Capricorn is the tenth sign of the Zodiac, ruled by Saturn and it is symbolized by goat. Capricorns are one of the most ambitious signs of the Zodiac. They need to succeed in their careers and love to be in a position of authority. Capricorns are practical people with their feet firmly planted on the ground. Since Saturn is the planet of limitations, Capricorns often realize that time is short, and that realization is making them a great organizers.


Capricorns are well managed, they are rarely at rest. Because they believe in themselves and their ability to succeed, they do not leave the success to others. They believe that, if this does not happen, they have to make it happen, so they are very independent people. In relationships, Capricorns often look for other people who are successful or rich. But even if their partner has more money or fame than them, Capricorn still likes to be in control.

Capricorn children are often very obedient and intelligent, but can be introverted, especially in the early years. They may be a teacher’s pet, because of their desire to achieve. Their numbers are likely to be organized as Capricorns likes to keep things in order.

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