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The world is made up of chemicals, and chemical research has led to the development of tens of thousands of new synthetic paints, adhesives, drugs, fibers, lubricants, and many other products that have improved a wide variety of industries, including medicine and agriculture. Chemists will frequently work in research and development, studying the properties of various chemical combinations in order to improve existing inventions or create completely new molecular structures.

Combining various compounds together used to be a fairly difficult trial and error process, but using computers, chemists can now use computer technology to test the possibility of creating different combinations of chemicals.

These professionals will also work in chemical manufacturing plants, mixing the ingredients and the temperatures at which these ingredients are combined to create the best product possible. Analytical chemists are responsible for studying the compounds and their properties, and these people will be frequently employed by the pharmaceutical industry to identify various compounds which will then be transformed into drugs.


Organic chemists are responsible for studying the various properties of carbon compounds and will develop a number of commercial products, such as rubber and plastics, as a result of their research. Inorganic chemists are responsible for studying chemical compounds that contain elements other than carbon, such as silicone.

Theoretical chemists are responsible for studying atoms and molecules and their properties, as well as the functioning of reactions between molecules. Materials chemistry workers will develop new materials that will improve existing products, such as a new stain-resistant coating for pants.

The working environment of these professionals will generally involve regular hours in the laboratories and a schedule of 40 hours per workweek. Most jobs will require a master’s degree and, in some cases, a doctorate degree.

Job prospects for chemists will be fairly moderate and keep pace with population growth, and individuals with master’s degrees will have the best employment opportunities.

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