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Keeping chickens has become very popular these days, and many people choose to raise and raise their herds. The most common and economical way to obtain chicks is to order chicks from a catalog. They usually come in batches of 24, and sometimes companies will throw you “bonus” chicks.

Babies chicks are self-sufficient as soon as they hatch. They can walk almost immediately after hatching and can fly in about a week. They are born knowing how to feed, and they do not need a mother to feed them. Young chicks should be kept in a small warm room as they grow. A brooder is perfect, but any small enclosed area to keep warm will suffice. This area will also need to be protected from predators that eat young chicks.

It is pretty easy to make brooder using a cardboard box; you can decorate it with some litre: sand, sawdust, newspapers, etc. The baby chickens are rather messy, and the litter will have to be changed often. The top of the box should be covered with cardboard or other material to prevent drafts from hitting the chicks. You will need to hang a heat light or light bulb to adjust the temperature in the box. Just be careful not to turn it close enough to ignite a fire.


The size of the brooder you need will depend on the number of chicks you have. Remember that a small crate will work first, but the chicks increase, and you will have to move them over a wide area as they grow. They need enough space to run and sleep. Be careful with chickens and watch for signs that they are too hot (out of breath) or too cold (curled up in the light).

The ideal brooder temperature should be around 90 degrees Fahrenheit for newly hatched chicks. As the chicks mature, you can lower the temperature by about 5 degrees Fahrenheit each week. Happy chicks will “peep” and be active. They will run, peck, drink and sleep usually. Chicks that are cold or hungry will cheep vigorously and continuously. They may be messy, fluffier than usual, and their poop may not look right.

Your chicks should have access to fresh water at all times. They can contaminate the water if you’re using a bowl, so it’s best to bring a water dispenser with you. It’s the same with food. You can buy chick starter, which is very good at any feed store and some pet stores.

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