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Cormorants and shags are members of the Phalacrocoracidae family of aquatic birds, which includes about 40 species. The number of genera has been debated, and several classifications of the family have been offered, but the IOC approved a consensus taxonomy of seven genera in 2021.

The great cormorant (P. carbo) and the common shag (G. aristotelis) are the only two species of the family that are often seen in Britain and Ireland, and the terms “cormorant” and “shag” have been used to other species in the family indiscriminately over time.

Cormorants and shags are medium-to-large birds with wing lengths of 60″100 centimetres (24″39 in) and body weights of 0.35″5 kilograms (0.77″11.02 lb). Dark feathers are seen in the majority of species. Long, thin, and hooked is the bill. Webbing runs between all four toes on their foot.


All species are fish eaters, diving from the surface to obtain their prey. They are good divers, propelling themselves underwater with their feet and wings; certain cormorant species have been discovered to dive to depths of 45 meters (150 ft). They have the shortest wings of any flying bird, owing to their necessity for efficient underwater mobility. As a result, they have the greatest flight costs of any flying species.

Cormorants make their homes in colonies along the water’s edge, on trees, islands, and cliffs. They are coastal birds, not marine birds, and some have established colonies in interior waterways. Cormorants are said to have descended from a freshwater bird. Except for the islands in the central Pacific, they may be found all across the world.

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