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Wine corkscrews are great gift ideas for wine lovers. The search for the best corkscrews for wine bottles takes us into the history of cork removers. Cork removers originally called corkscrews, were invented as an easy way to remove the cork from a bottle.

Wine bottles were not the first corking bottles. Many things were often stored in cork containers, such as beer, medicine, cosmetics and food. Many of these corked items required small corkscrews. The very first cork strippers or corkscrews were made by the gunsmiths of the time and, according to records, also made by the Worshipful Company of Loriners, one of the livery companies in the city of London. The Loriners were not gunsmiths, but originally a trade association for manufacturers of metal parts for spurs, harnesses, bridles and other clothing for horses. The first corkscrews were made from a tool called a bulletscrew or worm, a simple or double spiral-tipped tool used to clean musket barrels or to extract an unspent charge from the barrel.


At the beginning of the 17th century, corkscrews for removing corks were made by blacksmiths, and the use of a cork stopper to stop a bottle was well established. The peak of corkscrews coincided with the mid-19th century, the great period of British manufacturing and invention. The first patent for the stripper or the corkscrew of a wine bottle was granted in 1795 in England to the Reverend Samuel Henshall. He attached a metal button between the shank and the worm, the worm entered the cork, the button would touch the top and turning the handle, the grip between the stopper and the neck of the bottle would be broken.

The English were the first to seal wine bottles with a cork, thus requiring the creation of the wine bottle corkscrew. Seeking to create an improved corkscrew for wine bottles, the German Carl Wienke invented the type of single-lever wine corkscrew called “Butler’s Friend”. Wienke obtained a German patent on May 26, 1882, a British patent on April 20, 1883 and a French patent on May 7, 1883. The corkscrew was called the “Waiter’s Friend” or “Butler’s Friend” because it could easily remove and easily replace a wine bottle stopper. The design of the Wienke corkscrew is still used today. It is the best wine bottle stopper that removes the corkscrew of choice for the waiter. Thin and comfortable to use with practice, once mastered, it is quick, efficient and comfortable to carry in your pocket. The worm (screw) and the small knife are safely returned. The servers can put it in their pocket or their apron without fear of being poked.

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