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Corvette owners take great pride in keeping their corvette to the highest standards. Mediocre care and services are not acceptable. Your corvette deserves the best. It is very important that you read some of the corvette tips found in this article as this can help eliminate future corvette headaches down the road. It is very important that when you look for used corvettes for sale, you confirm the previous owner’s upkeep and maintenance schedule for the car. You want to know that it has been well maintained and treated properly.

Corvette Care

Taking care of your corvette is not a guessing game, and hopefully, you already know that the corvette has a few things to do in a specific way, such as how it is lifted for tire changes or oil. Raising your corvette to perform these regular maintenance tasks has a bit of skill behind it beyond what it takes for the life of your average car, and the corvette is by no means an average car. Most corvette owners are also passionate about corvette and take the maintenance of their corvette very seriously. This gives them the longest possible lifespan for their corvette and allows it to run at peak performance all year round.


How To Lift A Corvette

Lifting a corvette without the proper tools and knowing how to do it will end in disaster because the corvette has specific points where the jack’s pressure points can be applied. The absence of these pressure points can lead to cracked fibreglass bodies, broken windows or worse.

Lifting a corvette is a surprisingly difficult task, even if you have access to a low profile lift, which most car mechanics or garage owners do not have. It is also sporadic to find a non-corvette dealer or store with the correct lifting pads or pressure pads for your corvette. If you must take your corvette to a store that does not specialize in corvette services, you may want to build or purchase a set of low ramps to assist the corvette on the main ramp without damaging the fibreglass body, broken windows or worse.

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