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Cough is a reflex which is stimulated by irritation of the respiratory mucosa of the lungs, trachea (windpipe) or pharynx (throat area). Reflex cough is an infact protective mechanism. It is the body’s attempt to clear the airways of contaminants.

Cough usually falls under two categories; Productive or non-productive which is usually described as dry or chesty. Recognizing what kind of cough your child has, it is important to decide if we want a cough to stop or not. This directly affects the type of medication your child will need.

Dry Cough (Non-Productive)

As the name implies, dry cough does not cause sputum. This is often called “irritating” or, as indicated, “dry”. In most cases, the cause of this type of cough is not an infection, although it should be considered along with other symptoms. In some cases, the patient may claim that the cough is dry, but they can feel a sputum on the chest. If this is the case, it is better to treat it as a chesty (productive) cough.

Dry cough usually irritates the child and the people around them. It can be caused by many reasons, such as temperature changes, dry air, air pollution and passive smoking. In some cases this may be due to drug reactions, but it is more suitable for adults. Sometimes dry cough can be attributed to asthma, especially if it worries at night, but it is not always so. If you are concerned, visit your nearest local doctor to check it.


Your local pharmacist can advise you which medications will be appropriate, if any. They will ask you a few questions to determine the result. In general, if there is nothing to worry about, a pharmacist can prescribe a cough syrup or linctus. Today, there are many cough medicines to choose from, but always ask the pharmacist which is best suited for you. Many of them have more than one combination, for example, the addition of antihistamine, which not only helps suppress cough, but can also soothe the baby and allow them to sleep well at night. Cough medications with antihistamines can also be useful if a nasal discharge is associated with it, as it will dry it and prevent it from causing nasal drops after (mucus drips from the back of the nose into the throat), which itself can to start a cough.


Excessive Cough (Productive)

Coughing in the joints usually causes phlegm or sputum. Having determined the color of this sputum, the pharmacist will be able to decide whether a referral is needed. If not produced in large quantities, clear or white sputum is usually considered insignificant. Because of the presence of phlegm, the drug differs from the treatment of dry cough. As you can imagine, if there was a cough suppressant in this case, the phlegm did not shift. In this case, the cough should continue to allow the child to withdraw phlegm. The fact is that when a child coughs up the phlegm, it is removed from the respiratory tract and swallowed down into the stomach through the food tube.


Once again, your local pharmacist is easily available without an appointment to advise you on any treatment, referral or just advice. Sometimes a child may need antibiotics if it is associated with an infection, but this is not always the case. Unfortunately, many of us believe that antibiotics are the solution for most diseases of our children. It is not and can harm the wider community. When antibiotics are used unnecessarily or incorrectly, bacteria can create immunity from antibiotics. It starts to cause problems that bacteria become, even you can say, strong! Your pharmacist or doctor will tell you if you need antibiotics or not.

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