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Crabs are chiefly marine, but some of them are terrestrial for long periods of time. They are omnivorous; some of them are scavengers and other carnivores. Despite the fact that they are capable of movement in all directions, crabs tend to move in the sideways; swimming crabs have the last couple of feet flattened to form paddles. Most crabs have flat bodies that allow them to squeeze through very narrow crevices.

Blue crab on the Atlantic coast of the United States is a swimming crab, which is often used for food.

Crabs have eyes on stalks, just as snails. They can distinguish color, but their eyes are seeing far less detail than the human eye.


Crabs are also known as “sea spider” because, like a crab spider has legs that bend in the joints.

There are two types of crabs. First are true crabs, or brachyurans, which have a very short abdomen and used four pairs of long legs for walking. These include blue crabs, spider crabs and ghost crabs.

Crabs live in different places than any other marine animals. They are found almost everywhere in the ocean, including smoking volcanoes vents thousand feet below the surface. They also live under the ice in Antarctica. One type of crabs, even live on the ground and climbs trees. The average duration of crabs life is 3 to 4 years.

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