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A crane is a machine that can raise and lower objects as well as move them horizontally. It is usually equipped with a hoist rope, wire ropes or chains, and sheaves. It is mostly used to lift big objects and move them to different locations. The gadget creates mechanical advantage by using one or more basic machines to transfer loads beyond a human’s usual capacity. Cranes are frequently used in transportation for loading and unloading freight, in construction for material movement, and in manufacturing for heavy equipment assembly.

Truck-mounted cranes, rough-terrain cranes, crawler cranes, and floating cranes are the four main types of mobile cranes.

The shadouf, a water-lifting mechanism created in ancient Mesopotamia (now Iraq) and then appearing in ancient Egyptian technology, was the first known crane machine. Later, construction cranes arose in ancient Greece, propelled by men or animals (such as donkeys) and utilised for building construction. Later in the Roman Empire, larger cranes with human treadwheels were created, allowing for the lifting of greater loads. Harbour cranes were developed in the High Middle Ages to load and unload ships and aid with their construction; some were constructed within stone towers for added strength and stability. Cranes were first made of wood, but cast iron, iron, and steel took control as the Industrial Revolution progressed.


For many years, power was generated by the physical labour of men or animals, while natural power could be used to drive hoists in watermills and windmills. Steam engines provided the initial mechanical power, with the first steam crane appearing in the 18th or 19th century and many staying in service far into the late 20th century. Modern cranes often use internal combustion engines, electric motors, and hydraulic systems to give far more lifting capabilities than was previously feasible, while manual cranes are still used in places where electricity is not cost-effective.

Cranes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, each designed for a unique purpose. The tiniest jib cranes, which are used within factories, and the largest tower cranes used to construct towering structures are all available. Mini-cranes are also used to construct lofty buildings in order to access difficult-to-reach areas. Large floating cranes are commonly employed in the construction of oil rigs and the rescue of lost ships.

Some lifting devices, such as stacker cranes and loader cranes, do not precisely match the above definition of a crane, but are nonetheless referred to as cranes.

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