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Deer is a ruminant mammal of the Cervidae family, who is found in most parts of the world except Australia. Antlers, hard bony skull outgrowths occur in males of most species and shed and renewed annually. They are primarily covered by the “velvet” soft, hairy skin, permeated by blood vessels. Deer are polygamous. They eat a variety of herbs, lichens, mosses, tree leaves and bark.

White-tailed deer that live in forests throughout the United States and Central and N South America was a source of food, buckskin, and other essentials necessities for the Native Americans and the white settlers.

A family of deer is quite large, with 47 species, including caribou, moose and elk. They cloven-hoofed ungulates are determined by their horns, long bodies and necks, thin legs and small tails.


The male deer are called of Bucks, bulls, stags or deer. Female deer are named cows or hinds. Young deer are called fawns or calfs.

Deer may well adapt to almost any environment. They prefer to live in the “Edge” habitats. Edges are human or natural environment, such as from forest to farmland. They will use the forest for cover and shelter and open open land to graze in. In northern latitudes, the deer can live in different areas in the summer and winter months. These fields can be as far as 30 miles apart.

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