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The term is most synonymous with devices designed to consumption of content from streaming media services such as Internet video, including subscription-based content services. These devices are usually in a compact form factor (either as a close set-top box or as a switch designed for connection to the HDMI port) and contain a 10-foot user interface with support for remote control. In some cases, voice commands as control schemes. Some services may support remote control of digital media players using their respective mobile applications, while the Google Chromecast line is designed exclusively for this operation method.

A digital media player’s operating system can provide a search engine to find content available in multiple services and installed applications. Many digital media players offer internal access to digital distribution platforms where users can download or purchase content such as movies, TV shows, and apps. In addition to Internet sources, digital media players can support the playback of content from other sources, such as external media (including USB devices or memory cards) or streaming from a computer or media server. Some digital media players may also support video games. However, their complexity (which can range from casual games to larger gaming ports) depends on the operating system and hardware support. Other than those available as micro consoles are usually not advertised as the primary function of the device.


Digital media players usually do not include a terrestrial TV tuner, Blu-ray disc or DVD players. Some devices, such as standalone Blu-ray players, may consist of features similar to digital media players (often abbreviated) and the latest generation of game consoles. At the same time, smart TVs integrate similar features into the TV itself. Some TV manufacturers, for their part, have licensed operating system platforms from digital media players as middleware for their smart TVs such as Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku, which typically provide a similar user experience with their standalone counterparts, but with a TV – certain functions and settings are reflected in their user interface.

A digital media player (also called a streaming device or streaming box) is a type of consumer electronics designed to store, play, or view digital multimedia content. They are usually designed to be integrated into a home theatre configuration and connected to a TV and AV receiver.

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