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Dolphins are perhaps the most intelligent aquatic mammal in the world. With their self-awareness and the ability to communicate, reason, express emotions, adapt and perform altruistic acts, they are distributed in all the oceans and freshwater rivers much the same way, people who inhabited every continent. Cognitive abilities of dolphins are exceptional.

Dolphins has a big brain folded with extraordinary intellectual abilities. As a result, they learn very quickly, and have the ability to produce creative answers.

Although their cerebral cortex by 40% more than in humans, it is smaller, resulting in the neocortex volume that is 80% of body weight. However, both have a relatively cerebral hemispheres and folding processing of sensory information and stimuli.


On average, bottlenose dolphin brain weighs 1.7 kg (0.4 kg more than the average human brain). When comparing the size of the body size of the brain – encephalization coefficient (EQ), dolphin brain size of between 4 and 5. This shows the vicinity of cognitive abilities.

Compared to humans and other mammals, the dolphin brain has a five to six layers of their neocortex without functional separation. This is likely to allow people to focus on the details and dolphins for processing sensory information at higher speeds, which can be a critical 3-dimensional water-based medium with few recognizable landmarks, where sound travels 4-5 times faster than on land.

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