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The door is used to connect to areas that can not be two rooms either on the outside or inside the house. This makes it possible to travel between these two regions. In its most basic form, the door consists of a panel of certain material that can be swung or slid open. This panel can be installed on the door frame or only on the supporting wall.

The panel or door leaf is part of the door that moves. This is usually as large as the opening and can sometimes be seen divided into two parts (as sometimes seen in barns overlooking the horse). The panel can swing left or right or slide sideways (or even up). It can be made of various materials such as wood, steel, iron, aluminum, PVC, glass, and others.


The frame surrounds the panel and holds it in place. It consists of two jambs (sides), the top (top) and the windowsill (bottom). Sill is not required in internal doors. Door frames are usually not pronounced, and can be mixed with the wall in which they are installed. The materials used for frames are as numerous as for panels.



The trim which is used to visually join to the frame and the wall interface together. They are applied mainly to the wall with a small overlap on the frame, which makes the frame look wider than it is. Again, the materials for trim can vary, but usually, they are made of wood.

Swinging Door

A swinging door hinges require the interface of the frame panel. A sliding door requires some top or bottom (or both) after the panel slides or to the left or to the right. Sliding door hinges are usually made of metal for strength considerations, and at least two are necessary for one door panel.

Doors are probably one of the oldest inventions in the world. Closing off a gateway should always be used. Without touching the mobile doors (for example, cars), the two main uses today are the “external” and “internal” doors.

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