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drawing board is a type of multifunctional workstation that may be used for any type of drawing, writing, or impromptu sketching on a huge sheet of paper, reading a large format book or other oversized material, or producing accurate technical illustrations in its ancient form (such as engineering drawings or architectural drawings). During the pre-industrial and early industrial eras, the drawing table was a common accompaniment to a pedestal desk in a study or private library.

Draftsmanship evolved into a specialist craft throughout the Industrial Revolution, and drawing desks gradually disappeared from most gentlemen’s libraries and offices. Steel and plastic were used instead of beautiful woods and brass to make them more practical.

Engineers and draftsmen have begun to utilize the drawing board to create and edit designs on paper using ink or pencil in recent years. It is used to draw parallel, perpendicular, and oblique lines with various drawing equipment (set square, protractor, etc.). Instruments for drawing circles, arcs, and other curves and symbols are also available (compass, French curve, stencil, etc.).

There are also devices that may be used to draw circles, arcs, and other shapes and symbols (compass, French curve, stencil, etc.). The drawing board, however, is becoming less frequent as computer assisted drafting and design (CADD or CAD) becomes more common in the later decades of the twentieth century and the first decades of the twenty-first century.

Because most mechanical desks were drawing tables for several centuries, a drawing table is frequently referred to as a mechanical desk. The mechanical elements of drawing tables, unlike the gadgety mechanical desks of the second half of the 18th century, were mainly confined to notches, ratchets, and maybe a few basic gears, or levers or cogs to elevate and incline the working surface.


When the working surface was positioned at the horizontal and the height was altered to 29 inches, a drawing table may sometimes be mistaken for a writing table or even a pedestal desk when used as a “regular” desk. A lip on one of the sides of the desktop was generally the sole indication.

When a surface was given an angle, this lip or edge prevented paper or books from slipping. It was also employed to keep writing instruments in place on occasion. A drawing table may be utilized as a standing desk when the work surface was stretched to its maximum height.

Many copies of drawing tables have been constructed, and are still being made, in the period styles in which they were originally made throughout the 18th and 19th centuries.

Despite the widespread use of computer-aided drawing, many older architects and even some structural designers still rely on drafting table visuals created with paper and pencil.

Steel frames are used in modern drawing tables. Steel drafting table frames have the same strength as traditional wood drafting table frames but are considerably more portable. The drafting board’s surface is typically a thick sheet of compressed fibreboard with Formica sheets glued to all of its surfaces. Screws hold the drafting board surface to the frame, which may be simply removed for drafting table transit.

Mechanical linkages can be fitted in the steel frame to adjust the height and angle of the drawing board surface. A single foot pedal is often used to actuate a clutch that clamps the board into the appropriate position. A lead shot counterweight is put in the steel linkage so that the drawing board does not rise into the upright position and hurt the operator if the pedal is unintentionally released. To guarantee that this safety system counterbalances the weight of the table top, the linkages and clutches on the drafting table must be maintained.

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