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Indian embroidery represents the Indian culture. For many years, it does the same. Indian embroidery is popular all over the world and loved very much. It is of various types and is used in decorating various products such as bags, pillows, accessories, jewelry, etc. It is used to design women dresses; Therefore, Indian dresses are admired by everyone.

Embroidery Clothes and Dresses

Embroidery embellishes dresses looks great and makes them attractive. For special occasions, Indian women choose embroidered dresses, like embroidered salwar suit, embroidered saris or embroidered lehenga choli. Indian embroidery involves the use of different colors, threads, stitching, etc., all together makes tempting designs and patterns. Earlier, embroidery used to do be done with own hands, but with the advent of time, as the machines came into being embroidery machine became inevitable.

Religious Embroidery

Religious embroidery holds great importance in India because it is the country of many religions. The dress is decorated with embroidered religion is considered auspicious and brings in religious activities and occasions. In addition to dresses, religious embroidery also is seen on paintings, accessories, bags, jewelry, etc.


Appliqué Embroidery

Appliqué embroidery is a beautiful form of Indian embroidery and is quite famous. The technique of this embroidery is that pieces of different fabrics are sewn to the base fabric by inlaying or outlaying to form an attractive design. Hand Appliqué and Machine Appliqué are the two basic forms of PF Appliqué embroidery and stand on their own. The Appliqué embroidery is done on clothes, curtains, wall paintings, pillows, bag, etc.

Beaded Embroidery

Beaded embroidery is the most favorite form of embroidery. Women strongly prefer it over other forms of embroidery. Shiny beads in beautiful designs give the great glow. The beaded dress looks very glamorous, rich and beautiful. Beads come in different types, such as glass beads, wooden beads, metal beads, plastic beads, etc.

Floral Embroidery

Floral embroidery is one of the most popular forms of Indian embroidery. As flowers add freshness to the environment, just the floral design of the clothes give a fresh look. Natural beauty is highly admired by the Indian people hence floral designs are all the time hit in the embroidery. Floral embroidery designs have been seen on bed linens, home furnishings, clothing, curtains, pillows, bags, scarves, jewelry, etc.

These are different forms of Indian embroidery. They are all unique and look great.

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