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A farmer is a person engaged in agriculture, growing living organisms and food or raw materials. This term is usually applied to people who make some combination of growing field crops, vineyards, orchards, poultry or other livestock. A farmer may own agricultural land or work as a worker on land owned by others, but in advanced economies, a farmer usually owns a farm, and employees of farm are known as farmhands or farm workers. However, in the recent past, the farmer was a man who promotes or increases the growth of plant or culture etc, by farmworker and attention, land, crops or raises animals (eg- livestock or fish).

Farming Systems: They are strategically utilized and depending on the location where they are best suited. Agricultural systems make a significant contribution to industrial farming, subsistence farming, organic farming. Regions around the world differ in the types of agriculture that they use; Some of them are based on agroforestry, horticulture, ley farming and much more. Due to geographical locations, some parts experience a different climate, which affects the productivity of agriculture. Agriculture depends heavily on its monsoon cycle for large crop yields.


There are three types of farmers are hobby farmers, stuck with the farm farmers, and farming as a business farmers.

Hobby Farmers farm is those who have a small piece of land that is just a farm for entertainment or their community/family. Hobby farmers farm is sustainable, but this is not what they want to do to sell their crops on a massive scale.

Stuck with the farm farmers are family farmers who got the farm just because it was part of the family. Now some of these farmers have farming in their blood, and, naturally, take over the farm. But at other times these are farmers who left the farm. They try to do the work on the farm, but they may not want it, and they can even try to sell the farm land.

The farming as a business farmer is a person who seeks to earn money through farming. There is a way to make money in agriculture. The way to do this is to replace the paradigm in which you make your money.

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