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The flood is what every country in the world is familiar with. Therefore, the main flood survival must be known to everyone. In fact, this is a question that we continue to see next to us, or in some distant place. We see a lot of news about catastrophic floods that took lives of people and property. Thanks to the hydrological cycle, we can not get rid of all the water as it is processed through the rain and the evaporation of storms.

This does not mean that we just have to succumb to a catastrophe. Strangely enough, floods are one of the misfortunes that are easier to manage, with an appropriate program for disaster preparedness.


Floods can be divided into two categories; A regular flood of precipitation lasts over the long period and sudden floods. A regular flood is something that usually occurs. This happens when heavy rains run for a long period. Excess water that can not be easily placed over the soil sink or storm causes flooding. It gradually rises until it reaches the level of disasters.

The second type of flood, flash floods is more dangerous than ordinary floods. Rapid, in which raising the water level does not leave people without time to take security measures. Some sudden floods can occur within a few minutes, catching people off guard. Flooding occurs in typhoon bearing heavy rains.

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