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Forests are necessary for our survival upon our cosmic Earth. Without them, our lands will become deserts, incapable to sustaining life. Trees are the interface of the forest between the atmosphere in which we breathe and the land on which we stand. Thanks to the work of the trees, we enjoy the benefits of soil creation, an active hydrological cycle, a temperate climate, carbon dioxide exchange through oxygen through their respiration, long-term sequestration of carbon, a nutrient-rich landscape in which we can control and rotate graze hogs on mast crops, a variety of wildlife habitats, houses and a place for retreat to charge our souls. Planted in endless rows of the same species, trees become a plantation commodity. While mixed tree species, together with herbs, fungi and their myocardial associations, shrubs, brambles and fauna, exist as a diverse polyculture that is not needed and is resistant to disturbances.

As small farmers who participate in our market economy, we need to show that the various methods of forest care are just as, if not more valuable for income streams than the current practice of clear cutting of wood costs every fifty to one hundred and fifty years to sell at prices commodities.


Healthy soil is important for the life of our planet, and forests consisting of deciduous trees efficient creators of soils. Using the mechanics and chemistry of their roots to break apart stones, they can extract and add nutrients with the humic acids that exist in the humus of their leaf leaves that creep through the forest.

As processed nutrients, trees can produce this humus by toning decaying leaves, making it available to the entire forest. This seasonal cycle of regeneration, growth and death of carpet covers the forest with detrital trees, a by-product of extracting nutrients from the depths to the earth, solar energy, a collection through photosynthesis, and collecting water from the earth and air.

Together, these processes redistribute this wealth through forests in autumn and winter, harvest soil from erosion from cold weather and seasonal rains, and contribute to the carbon and nutrients needed to create a nutrient network of soils to restore new soils.

As we see, living forests, consisting of multicultural trees, flora and fauna, fungi, and managed forest systems, are much more valuable than the market value of their standing timber, once cut and processed into lumber.
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