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Windows Photo Gallery (formerly Windows Live Photo Gallery) was an image organizer, photo editor, and photo-sharing application. It is part of the Microsoft Windows Essentials software suite. The product cannot be downloaded since January 10, 2017, because the Windows Essentials product line has been discontinued.

Windows Photo Gallery provides features for managing, tagging and searching digital photos. It provides an image viewer which can replace the default operating system image viewer and a photo import tool which can be used to acquire pictures from one camera or another removable support. Windows Photo Gallery also lets you share photos by uploading them to OneDrive, Flickr, and Facebook.

Photo Management

Windows Photo Gallery offers the ability to organize digital photos in its Gallery view, adding titles, notes, captions, and custom metadata tags to images. Support for tagging and managing video files is also limited but not modified.

Windows Photo Gallery uses the concept of hierarchical tagging (for example, People/Jim, Places/Paris) to organize photos. Deleting a tag from Windows Photo Gallery will also delete it from all images in the utility. The Extensible Metadata Platform (XMP) metadata standard from Adobe Systems, a descendant of the ubiquitous Exif standard that almost all digital cameras currently support, is also supported. This makes it much more efficient to store and modify data such as tags than EXIF ​​or IPTC.


Since Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011, geolocation and people tagging (with facial detection and recognition) are also supported. For some types of supported image files, people tags can be read and saved using the Microsoft People Tag XMP schema.

Photo Editing

Windows Photo Gallery allows you to edit photos for exposure or color correction. It also provides other essential photo editing functions, such as resizing, cropping and red-eye reduction. Users can view the color histogram of a photo, which allows them to adjust the shadows, highlights and sharpness of the image. Also, Windows Photo Gallery also includes editing tools such as blemish remover and noise reduction.

The photo editing technologies developed by Microsoft Research, particularly the panoramic assembly, the photo fuse and the automatic collage, are also included in the Windows photo gallery.

Windows Photo Gallery also supports the ability to resize photos in batches, where multiple images can be resized in one action and the ability to rotate videos.

The photo/video import tool in Windows Photo Gallery offers the possibility of displaying, selecting and tagging photos which are automatically grouped by date taken.

Format Support

The Windows photo gallery is based on the PIX engine, which uses the Windows Imaging Component (WIC) library. The application supports native metadata handling and markup. As the Windows imaging component is extensible, it can organize and display any image format for which a third-party WIC codec is installed.

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