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With all the diseases that we recently heard about in the media, people are more likely to be afraid of germs. A certain degree of this is good. So we maintain health by avoiding germs.

We have all seen rows of loving, cautious mothers applying antibacterial hand lotion to the hands of their children at the petting zoo. This is definitely a good practice, as animals often carry germs that can be harmful to humans. The problem is that some of the same loving mothers will use this antibacterial lotion whenever their baby touches anything. Many of these mothers also spend many hours just cleaning their home.

Many people are afraid of bees. In fact, most people will either move away from them, or at least drive them away when they get closer. It makes sense, bee stings hurt. However, we must also remember that these very bees are necessary for our survival. The same goes for germs. Although microbes can make us sick, they are truly essential for our survival.


Anyone who has ever eaten yogurt to obtain acidophilus knows that there are good germs and bad germs. What harmful germs do is obviously what makes us sick. Good germs are our friends. They are like a hero riding on a white horse and coming to our rescue. These good germs protect us by fighting bad germs. It is absolutely essential for our survival that these good germs survive.

Common sense and a few precautions will help you stay healthy. Keep your hands clean. This does not mean that you should always need to sanitize them, just wash them at the obvious time. Keep your hands away from your mouth. If you or your children are sick, stay home.Be sure to stay up to date with all of your immunizations. Eat healthy foods, exercise and just be careful, especially if you know that the people around you are sick.

Fear of germs is very real, but not needed. Try to remember that many germs are here to help us.

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