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Globes are a great representation of the earth. With their spherical globes can represent a ground looks exactly the same as seen from the space, unlike a map. They have a realistic appearance, which can be further enhanced through the use of colors, and other effects to create a natural look.

Like maps, globes also show accurate directions, dimensions, distances, shapes and sizes all over the world and even their economic, social and political status, as well as their standard time and weather conditions. Most manufacturers of the globe are using high-quality geographic research and cartographic abilities to design globes. They are also updated regularly to meet any changes in the political and social situation in the world, such as changes in the name of the country or the division of the continent.


Highlights in the globe are the equator, meridian, latitude and longitude. The location of these lines and the angles between the lines, are used to determine the exact location of the place. Time in a particular place can also be calculated by counting the number of meridians. Most globes are all included in them, along with their major capitals and cities within countries.

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