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In the old days guests came to your house suddenly at any time of the day or even late at night. You didn’t complain because, in those days there were limited facilities available to remain busy with: there were no cell phones and only a select few boasted that they had landlines; there were no social networks or instant messaging applications; you had limited entertainment choices, such as no 24/7 TV channels and so many rare live events or sports, the lonely cinema in your area and ubiquitous radio didn’t bother you as much as you could listen from anywhere in the house, doing whatever, and you did the same on your turns as your guests. That’s why you weren’t annoyed or worried even if guests suddenly landed up for lunch or dinner.


As modernization begins to force us to make choices that create difficulties, you constantly intervene when you decide that prior intimation before coming is part of etiquette, and if those rules have been broken, you get annoyed, embarrassed, or even upset, or you’re angry. Now let’s not analyze the matters that concern you today. In this scenario, we will discuss our topic mainly in India, which is considered a country of high hospitality. Of course, we will exclude from our analysis anyone who is not rated by people who treat guests differently based on their rating alone. We will not consider the phenomenon of guests in houses the number of which, in any case, is very rapidly decreasing thanks to modernization and business.

Depending on the nature of the visit, you may have different types of guests, but regardless of the guest and kind, the basic approach is that you should be cordial with everyone, smiling at them, even if you are annoyed, and you should always offer them a seat and a glass of water; As for the rest of the hospitality, you can decide and prepare the guide yourself.

Many people come to you every day to ask questions about orders, consultations, or give a personal opinion or message. Technically, they cannot be called guests because they are not around you and do not behave differently. That’s why you can entertain them on the porch if you have one or on the chairs closest to the front door, and if the visit takes a long time, you can offer him a cup of tea, not necessarily with cookies.

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