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The handle is part of or attached to an object that you can move or use manually. Each type of handle’s design involves significant ergonomic problems, even if they are dealt with intuitively or according to tradition. Tool handles are an important part of their function, allowing them to use the tools for maximum effect. Package handles make it easy to carry the packaging.

Other requirements may apply to specific handles:

A sheath or coating on the handle that provides friction against the hand, reducing the grip force required to provide a secure grip.

Designs such as recessed door handles reduce the likelihood of accidental operation or simply the inconvenience of “snagging” the handle.

Sufficient circumference for comfortable and safe distribution of force in the arm. An example in which this requirement is almost the sole purpose of the existence of a handle is a handle, which consists of two parts: a hollow wooden cylinder with a diameter of a finger and slightly longer than the width of one hand and a rigid wire passing through the center of the cylinder has two right angles and is shaped like a hook, at each end. This handle allows you to comfortably carry around with your bare hands a heavy package suspended from a tight string running from the top and bottom: the string is strong enough to withstand it. Still, the pressure the rope will exert on the fingers will grab it directly; often it would be unacceptable.


  • Design to prevent unauthorized access, such as by children or thieves. In these cases, many other requirements can be reduced. For example, a child-proof doorknob can be difficult even for an adult to use.
  • One of the main categories of handles is pull handles, in which one or more hands grasp the handle or handles and apply force to shorten the distance between the hands and their respective shoulders. The above three criteria are universal for pull handles.
  • Many pull handles are designed for lifting, especially for items that need to be carried.
  • Horizontal pull-out handles are standard, including drawers, latchless doors on handles, and the outside of car doors. Internal vehicle door controls are usually pulled handles, although their function is to open the door through an internal removable connection.
  • Pull handles are also common host of bacteria from door handles such as e-coli, fungal or other viral infections.
  • Two types of pull handles can include movement in addition to the described arm movements:
  • By pulling on the starting cord of a small combustion engine, you can not only move your hand over your shoulder, but you can also push the wheel with your other hand, break away from the engine and standing from a squat.

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