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High heels have a very diverse and interesting history. In fact, they were first created as a rider’s shoe, because a normal flat-toed shoe would always fall off the stirrups, and a high-heeled shoe would be able to fit in the stirrups and ensure that the rider would not always fall from the horse, but you have some leverage when you try to stay.

Even today, riding boots are made in this way with a higher heel and are also the same as all cowboy boots, which also look like this for exactly the same reasons, as cowboys also spend long riding horses and need specialized shoes to make sure they stay in place and have good enough traction. In those days, only men rode horses, so it was seen that the shoes were worn only by men, and slowly this became a fashion statement, in which more and more men would be seen wearing these riders, but themselves riders at all.

Women began wearing high-heeled shoes around 1533, when the wife of the Duke of Orleans, who was extremely low, asked a specialized shoemaker to create high-heeled shoes so that she would look a little taller in the company of others. This lady was very much in the public eye, so it wasn’t long before the fashion trend of women wearing high-heeled shoes took off, where many of these shoes were made for women who could buy wherever they could, in any shoe store. Over time, men stopped wearing high heels, and then only women wore them in all shapes and sizes as a fashion statement and to add to their overall sexual attraction.


Over the years, from platform heels to high heels and heels, all types went in and out of fashion and then came back again, like boots and then back shoes, as well as straps with high heel. The reasons why women today wear heels are only due to the way they look, and not for any practical reason, because there is simply no such thing, especially after the heel has become taller and thinner over the decades.

Some women do not like to wear heels because it is difficult for them to walk, but most women wear high heels for years and therefore consider them completely comfortable and easy to walk and would not think of going out or in a nightclub wearing flat shoes. In addition to looking much taller than you actually are, you will also get the look of more defined leg muscles and longer legs.

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