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In this world, there are more than 900 thousand species of insects. Obviously, it’s hard to identify an insect and put it on an insect identification chart to identify insects that can help you find out if the insect is harmful. Different species of insects can be divided into various types that will assist in determining insect species. It is important to identify the kind of insects as you can take appropriate measures to mitigate the threats that the insect poses, so that there is no damage to household items, or you do not cause any diseases from these insects. There are different types of classifications that will help you to be precise in determining each time. Such level of accuracy of the necessary requires training which takes a long time. The focus here is on the level of the basic ability to identify an insect.

There are essentially three different types of insects based on the criteria for the wings in the insect classification chart. These are winged insects and wingless insects. The main type of classification in the winged insect group includes species such as the one pair wing of an insect, two known winged insects, and transparent or translucent winged insects. These are the common classification rules since they contain the maximum number of insects species in each type.


Classification of a one-pair of winged insects include insects, such as flies, mosquitoes, crane flies, etc. A distinctive feature of this type is the membrane of a pair of wings. Its mouth in some cases adapted for piercing. An example of this function is the mosquito. Two known winged insects include butterflies and moths. They are very well defined. Those with transparent or translucent wings include insects such as wasps and bees and the ants that are winged. With this type of unique feature is that the antennas are usually smaller than the body.

Wingless species of insects are the most in the count, and every type in this category that belongs to the table to the insect classification chart also has a variety of species that are included. There are many categories that exist in these broad categories of wingless insects. One such pair of groups is parasitic and non-parasitic insect species. There are other insects like cockroaches, walking sticks, mantis, cricket, and grasshoppers.

There are modified winged insects, such as beetles, which are the most common form. Beetles are unique species of insects that are present in this category. Images of insects will give you additional insight into how to identify an insect.

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