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Islam is an Arabic word, which means “peace,” “security,” and “surrender.” A Muslim means “a man who peacefully surrenders to God.” Anyone from any race can be Muslim; in other words, the “Muslim” does not belong to a particular race. The word “Islam” means “submission to God,” and a Muslim is one who submits their life to God.

Islam is a complete way of life that governs all aspects of life: moral, spiritual, social, political, economic, intellectual, etc.

Founder: Muhammad
Birthplace: Saudi Arabia
Third pillar: Zakat

Today, more than 1.5 billion Muslims live in the world, which is equivalent to about a fifth of the world’s population. Thus, Islam is a true global faith, not just a limited nation, color or race.

Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world with a number of conversions every year. Religion began in Arabia, but today 80% of all believers in Islam live outside the Arab world.


Progress in Europe during the Renaissance is based on ideas emanating from Muslims from the Islamic world.

Islam exists in Spain for more than six hundred years, during which it brings peace and stability. Mosques and buildings in Islamic Spain also had some of the most beautiful architectural designs, such as the Alhambra Palace.

The Golden Ratio of the Earth lines up by Mecca, one of the most sacred cities of Islam. qiblah (direction of prayer) used to be towards Jerusalem, before it was changed to Mecca.

Many of the prophecies contained in the Quran have come true. For example, the Quran predicted at the beginning of chapter 30 (The Romans) that the Byzantines would defeat the Persians in the impending battle. This happened a few years after the revelation of these verses.

The Quran is the most memorised book in the world. There are many Muslims who do not speak Arabic as their native language, but remember the whole Quran. Even four-year-old children have memorised the Quran off by heart.

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