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The king penguin (Aptenodytes patagonicus) is the second biggest penguin species, smaller than the emperor penguin but similar in appearance. A. p. patagonicus is found in the South Atlantic, whereas A. p. halli is found in the South Indian Ocean (in the Kerguelen Islands, Crozet Island, Prince Edward Islands, Heard Island, and McDonald Islands) and on Macquarie Island.

Lanternfish, squid, and krill are the major foods of king penguins. On foraging expeditions, king penguins have been observed diving to depths of over 100 meters (300 feet) and have been reported at depths of over 300 meters (1,000 ft). Giant petrels, skuas, the white sheathbill, the leopard seal, and the orca are among the king penguin’s predators.

King penguins breed in the Subantarctic islands off the coast of Antarctica, as well as South Georgia and other temperate islands in the area.

The king penguin is 70-100 cm (28-39 in) tall and weighs between 9.3 and 18 kg (21 to 40 lb). Although male and female king penguins are monomorphic, their cries may be distinguished. In addition, males are somewhat bigger than females. Adults on Marion Island weighed an average of 12.4 kg (27 lb) for 70 males and 11.1 kg (24 lb) for 71 females. The average mass of 33 adults nursing chicks on Marion Island was 13.1 kg, according to another research (29 lb). The king penguin is about a quarter of an inch shorter and weighs about a third of an ounce less than the emperor penguin.


The king penguin has a wide cheek patch that contrasts with surrounding black feathers and yellow-orange plumage at the top of the chest, making it look quite similar to the bigger, closely related emperor penguin. However, the adult king penguin’s cheek patch is a brilliant solid orange, whereas the emperor penguins are yellow and white, and the king species’ upper breast is more orange and less yellowish.

Both feature colorful patterns on the side of their lower mandibles. However, the emperor penguins are pink, and the king penguins are orange. With the exception of vagrants at sea, emperor and king penguins do not usually live in the same places in the wild, but the king’s larger, straighter beak and considerably sleeker physique make them easily distinguishable.

The juvenile king penguin has a radically different look from the mainly grey emperor chick, thanks to its thick brown down. The king chick resembles the adult once it has shed its juvenile plumage, although it is less colorful.

King penguins share vast, circumpolar islands with at least half of all surviving penguins, but they may be identified from other species by their significantly bigger size and higher frame, unique multicolored patterns, and grizzled sooty-greyish rather than blackish back.

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