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Leopard is the smallest member of the genus Panthera. This genus is referred to as the big cats, although there are cats from the other genera of similar size to the leopard. Other big cats are the tiger, lion and jaguar. Although, snow leopard are completely different species of leopard.

Leopard is the most common of all the big cats have been found in many parts of Africa and the Indian subcontinent and in East and South-East Asia. Its geographical distribution used to be even wider than that. The only area where there is still a reasonable number of leopards is Africa south of the Sahara Desert.

Leopard is suffering in the whole range of its habitat loss is mainly due to the increase caused by the human population. Historically, it was killed by hunters and hunting, both legal and illegal, still affects the toll of leopards, but the loss of habitat is the main problem.


Male leopards will fight; perhaps in defense of the territory. These fights can result in injury, which ultimately prove fatal.

Leopards will hunt and kill animals several times their own weight. Leopards will hunt both on the ground and in the trees, where they catch monkeys. Apes are not the main part of their diet.

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