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Life is a characteristic that distinguishes physical entities that have biological processes, such as signaling and self-sustaining processes, from those who do not, or because such functions have ceased (or died) or because they have never had such functions and are classified as inanimate. There are various forms of life, such as plants, animals, mushrooms, antiquities, archaia and bacteria. The criteria are sometimes ambiguous and may or may not determine viruses, viroids or potential synthetic life as “living.” Biology is the science that deals with the study of life. Let’s read in detail what life is all about?

Life as Fun

Life in this context is regarded as pleasure; people with this mind centralize their whole lives to enjoy life. For them, nothing is more important than having fun; from constant vacations, to films, relaxation, parties, to everything that ultimately gives them pleasure. They are usually inadequate in everything they do, because life is fun, without serious reflection. They also tend to be restless, because there is no fulfillment in pleasure, it’s only temporary, people with such a look at life are always looking for something new to give them a higher degree of pleasure or fun. Their goal in life is to enjoy all the living and die, living their life “to the fullest.”

Life is like a Journey


The view of life from this point of view has much in common with the end. People who see life in this corner are not very ambitious, they are obedient to all circumstances that cross their path in life, and they believe that life has a definite end for them that can not be changed. No matter what kind of life is in its direction, this is what was assigned to them, if something happened to them, whether good or bad, they never worry, whatever happened all all, that’s there destiny – what fate has in stock for them.

Life is a series of events, events that can neither be asked nor changed. Although they believe in destiny, they never seek to find their destiny. Their entire existence is based on the belief that their life and everything that comes from it is guided by an infinite intelligence that ultimately leads them to a happy end. All they need is to relax and enjoy the journey, everything is under control. They never take responsibility for their lives. Instead of embarking on the path of life, they allowed life to lead them on the road.

Life is like an Adventure

Unlike their counterparts who view life has a journey, people with this mind-set are more active and ambitious. They strive for the goal, are always ready to do something new, to demolish new landscapes and accomplish big tasks. They are focused and stubborn as to what they were striving for. Life for them is connected with achievements; life is another exciting area that you need to explore. They move from one thing to another, trying this and trying that, they are more like those who seek pleasure, always to achieve a greater task.

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