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Lightning is a mother nature of electrical power. It is responsible for more deaths annually than tornadoes. Know when there is bad weather is approaching your area. Even if the storm is not quite the lightning over you to travel miles from the storm base. You can not dodge the lightning strike, but you should know what to avoid and how to be prepared when there is bad weather.

Lightning showed how vulnerable we are to the power of Mother Nature. Spring and summer are the peak season for the nation’s deadliest weather phenomena. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration lightning safety information shows that “an average of 49 people are killed each year by lightning. Knowing lightning entered the house or building and how to stay safe during a storm can help you protect against injuries and personal property damage.

There are three main ways lightning enters the house – a direct hit through wires or pipes that extend outside the structure and through the ground. Regardless of the entry method, once in the structure, lightning can travel systems for electrical, phone, plumbing and radio/television reception. Lightning may also extend through metal wires or bars in concrete walls and floors.


In order to stay safe when you are inside your home during a storm to stay with your land-line phone away from windows and doors and avoid doing the wash. Lightning travels long distances in both phone and electrical wires and can reach you if you are using or in the vicinity of the device.

Protect your items in your house too. Remember your pets to ensure their safety. Dog house, obviously, are not safe from lightning and pets who are chained in a kennel or wire can easily become a victim of lightning. Electric shock waves generated by lightning can damage all electrical and electronic equipment.

A little bit of knowledge and some advanced warning of the approaching storm will help protect against the harmful effects of lightning strikes cause and reducing vulnerability to one of the most dangerous hazards of nature.

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