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The Russian Matryoshka Doll is a popular collectible item comes in many different artistic styles. But what is the art history and inspiration of these lovely wooden nesting dolls?

What is a Russian Matryoshka Doll?

Russian matryoshka dolls, or Russian nesting dolls, are hand-carved dolls, or statues, made of wood. Each set of wooden nesting dolls has several dolls stacked one on top of the other. The mother, the largest doll, holds every little doll or baby inside the body. The smallest baby dolls are solid wood and are not open.

These wooden nesting dolls are hand-painted to draw a particular theme. The traditional design depicts a mother dressed in a Russian folk dress costume called “Sarafan”. Flowers are often found in matryoshka dolls. Other traditional designs include religious themes. Because the Eastern Orthodoxy is a major part of Russian life, it is not surprising that many Russian nesting dolls depict Christian religious themes, such as the onion dome of the Russian Orthodox Church.

More modern designs of Russian matryoshka dolls portray politicians, celebrities, animals, fairy tales, robots, and other strange, unique and exciting designs.


What Does Matryoshka Mean?

Matryoshka, or Matrushka, is another form of “Matushka”, which means “mother” in Russian. When you visit the Russian Orthodox Church, there are parishioners who call the clergy and deacon wives “Matushka”.

Matryoshka dolls are also called Babushka dolls. Babushka is Russian for “grandmother”.

Russian Matryoshka History

The first Russian matryoshka dolls were designed and created in 1890 in a new Moscow workshop known as the “Children’s Workshop”. The wooden doll was carved by Vasily Zvyozdochkin and hand-painted by folk artist Sergey Malyutin.

The first matryoshka was inspired by a Japanese nesting doll known as Fukuruma. The particular doll that influenced the Russian version of the wooden nesting dolls portrayed the Shichi-fuku-jin, or the Seven Gods of Fortune.

In 1900, the first Russian nesting doll was presented at the World Exhibition in Paris and received a bronze medal. Matryoshka has since become a popular phenomenon, sculptured and painted throughout Russia.

Modern Wooden Nesting Doll

You can easily find a wide range of Matryoshkas of different designs around the world. There are Polish and Ukrainian designs as well as Russian designs.

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