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The Notion Logo is a distinctive design that represents the Notion productivity app. Designed by the company’s in-house team, the Notion Logo features a lowercase letter “n” enclosed in a square box. The simple yet effective design of the Notion Logo has helped the app to stand out in the crowded market of productivity tools.

Notion Logo design elements

The Notion Logo is made up of three primary design elements:

1. The lowercase “n”

The Notion Logo’s most prominent feature is the lowercase letter “n.” The designer chose to use a simple, clean font to ensure that the logo would be recognizable and legible at different sizes.

2. The square box

The letter “n” is enclosed in a square box, which gives the logo a sense of order and structure. The box is slightly wider than the letter “n,” which creates a nice balance and also adds a touch of uniqueness to the design.

3. The color scheme

The color scheme of the Notion Logo is a combination of blue and white. The blue is a shade of deep, rich blue, which conveys a sense of trust, confidence, and professionalism. The white used in the logo represents clarity, simplicity, and purity.

Meaning behind the Notion Logo

The Notion Logo represents the brand’s focus on simplicity, structure, and productivity. The combination of the lowercase “n” and the square box creates a sense of organization and structure, which is reflected in the app’s functionality. The blue color conveys trust and productivity while the white color represents the app’s simplicity and clarity.


History of the Notion Logo

The Notion team began designing the logo in 2016, around the same time that the app was launched. The designers experimented with different fonts, colors, and shapes, before settling on the simple yet effective design that we see today.

The Notion Logo has gone through a few subtle changes over the years, but the overall design has remained the same. The original logo featured a slightly larger box and a darker shade of blue, but the current design has since evolved to a brighter, more vibrant shade of blue and a slightly smaller box.

Using the Notion Logo

The Notion Logo is a registered trademark of the company, and its use is protected by copyright law. The company has provided guidelines on the use of the logo, which must be followed by anyone who wishes to use it. The guidelines specify that the logo should not be modified or altered in any way, and that it must be used in its original form.

The Notion Logo can be used by anyone who wants to reference the company or the app in a blog post, article, or other types of content. However, the logo must be used in a respectful and appropriate manner, and it must not be used to misrepresent or suggest any endorsement by Notion.

The Notion Logo is a simple yet effective design that represents the brand’s focus on simplicity, structure, and productivity. With its clean font, blue color scheme, and square box, the Notion Logo is instantly recognizable and easy to remember. As an essential part of the Notion brand, the logo is protected by copyright law, and its use is guided by specific rules and guidelines. Overall, the Notion Logo is an excellent example of effective logo design, which has helped the app to stand out in a crowded market of productivity tools.

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