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In the digital world, a color palette is a collection of colors and tools for use in paint and drawing applications, or a full spectrum of colors that may be presented on a device screen or other interface. The color pallet indicates a lot about the device’s or technology’s electronic architecture, as well as its visual capabilities for human users.

A palette is another name for a color pallet.

The first computers only had monochrome displays, therefore the digital color palette was born. The Teletext system, which uses a three-bit RGB eight-color palette, and the Apple II personal computer, which uses a 16-color palette, are two early examples. Early Atari, Commodore, and Apple computers and consoles all had their own color palettes that evolved over time based on new color technologies.


Advances in display technology eventually led to the invention of a 256-color VGA display, which remained the industry standard until the introduction of current flat-screen plasma displays.

Hexadecimal numbers were used to express and choose the range of colors available in early color palettes. Modern color palettes are more likely to display a color wheel or a sophisticated color selection tool, allowing users to choose from a wide range of colours and tones.

It’s worth mentioning that the quick growth of the current digital camera, which is now incorporated in smartphones and mobile devices, corresponded with and enabled the rapid evolution of digital color palettes and video display color options.

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