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Pierogi are filled dumplings of central and eastern European origin, made by rolling unleavened dough around a salted garnish or sweetened and cooked in boiling water or pan-frying. Pierogi, which consists of noodle paste and must be cooked in boiling water, is associated with central and eastern Europe’s cuisines, where they are considered national dishes, especially Poland. Pierogi-style dumplings are famous in most countries of central and east Europe and modern Ashkenazi and American Jewish cuisines, where their local names know them.

Typical fillings include potato, sauerkraut, minced meat, cheese, and fruit. Meatballs can be served with a side dish, such as melted butter, sour cream or fried onions, or a combination of these ingredients.


Varenyky comes from the Ukrainian вареники (varenyky), the plural form of вареник (varenyk), which derives from the Ukrainian вар (var) “boiling liquid,” indicating boiling as the primary cooking method for this type of dumpling.

Bryndzové pyrohy is the Slovakian term for dumplings filled with sheep’s milk cheese.

Colțunași is the Romanian term for filled meatballs. It is derived from the Greek καλτσούνι, kaltsúni, itself borrowed from the Italian calzoni.

The origins of the pierogi are disputed. Some legends say that the pierogi came from China via Italy during the Marco Polo expeditions. Others contend that the pierogi was brought back to Poland by Saint Jacinthe from Poland, who brought them back from Kyiv (the centre of Kievan Rus’, today Ukraine). On July 13, 1238, Saint Hyacinth visited Kościelec, and during his visit, a storm destroyed all the crops; Jacinta told everyone to pray, and the next day the harvest resumed. In gratitude, people made pierogi from these crops for Saint Hyacinth. Another legend says that Saint Hyacinth fed the people with pierogi during a famine caused by an invasion of the Tatars in 1241.

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