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A wing is a form of fin that produces lift as it travels through air or another fluid. As a result, wings feature streamlined cross-sections that operate as airfoils and are sensitive to aerodynamic forces. The lift-to-drag ratio is a measure of a wing’s aerodynamic efficiency. At a given speed and angle of attack, the lift generated by a wing can be one to two orders of magnitude larger than the total drag on the wing. To push the wings through the air at adequate lift, a high lift-to-drag ratio necessitates a much smaller thrust.

Various foils, such as hydrofoils, are utilized as lifting structures in water. Rather than aerodynamics, hydrodynamics is the dominating science. Underwater foils can be found in hydroplanes, sailboats, and submarines.


For centuries, the word “wing,” derived from the Old Norse vngr, referred only to a bird’s front limbs (in addition to the architectural aisle). Insects, bats, pterosaurs, boomerangs, some sail boats and airplanes, and the inverted airfoil on a race car that provides a downward force to assist traction have all been described as having lift generating appendages in recent decades.

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