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rubber duck, often known as a rubber ducky, is a toy that is fashioned like a stylised duck and has a flat base. It’s possible that it’s made of rubber or a rubber-like substance like vinyl plastic. Rubber ducks were created in the late 1800s as it became easier to form rubber, and they are thought to help children acquire their abilities while playing in the water. The yellow rubber duck has become a cultural emblem in Western pop culture, and it is frequently associated with bathing. The item is available in a variety of creative versions, and numerous organizations across the world utilize yellow rubber ducks in fundraising rubber duck races.

The rubber duck’s origins may be traced back to the late-nineteenth-century development of rubber production. When manufacturers began employing Charles Goodyear’s innovation, vulcanized rubber, the first rubber ducks were produced from tougher rubber. As a result, these solid rubber ducks could not float and were instead designed as chew toys.

In the 1940s, sculptor Peter Ganine made a duck sculpture. He subsequently patented it and mass-produced it as a floating toy, which he sold in the millions.


Aside from the well-known yellow rubber duck, there have been various creative variants on the fundamental theme, such as character ducks representing professions, politicians, or celebrities, a notion popularized by Mark Boldt’s Rubba Ducks. Ducks that glow in the dark, quack, change color, have inside LED lighting, or have a wind-up motor that allows them to “swim” are also available. The Sun, a British tabloid, stated in 2001 that Queen Elizabeth II had an inflatable crown-wearing rubber duck in her toilet. A worker who was renovating her bathroom saw the duck. Rubber duck sales in the United Kingdom spiked by 80% for a brief period as a result of the tale.

Rubber ducks are prized by collectors. Charlotte Lee was awarded the 2011 Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Rubber Duck Collection, which included 5,631 distinct rubber ducks. The rubber duck, along with the game of chess, was admitted into the Toy Hall of Fame, a museum in Rochester, New York, in 2013. Toys are chosen based on criteria such as symbol status, durability, and inventiveness.

Since the beginning of the Sesame Street television series, Ernie, a beloved Muppet, has performed the song “Rubber Duckie” numerous times. Ernie talked to his duck a lot and carried it around with him during the presentation. Little Richard sang the song on a particular occasion. The hit song “Convoy” (and the movie and novel it spawned) is told from the perspective of a guy who replaced his Mack truck’s bulldog hood decoration with a bathtub toy and used the on-air handle “Rubber Duck.”

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