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A security guard (also known as a security inspector, security officer or security agent) is a person hired by a government or private party to protect the employing party’s assets (property, people, equipment, money, etc.) from a variety of hazards (such as waste, damaged property, behavior, criminal activity such as theft, etc.) by taking preventive measures. Security guards do this by maintaining a visible presence to prevent illegal and inappropriate activity by detecting (directly, through patrols, or indirectly, using alarm systems or CCTV cameras) for signs of crime or other hazards (such as a fire) taking action to minimize damage (such as warning and escorting offenders) and reporting any incidents to their clients and emergency services (such as police or paramedics), as appropriate.


Security officers usually wear uniforms to represent their lawful authority to protect private property. Security guards are typically guided by legal provisions that define eligibility requirements for eligibility (e.g., a criminal record check) and the lawful authorities of a security guard in a given jurisdiction. The authorities allowed to guards differ depending on the jurisdiction of the country and region. Security officers are employed by a number of organizations, including businesses, government departments and agencies, and non-profit organizations (such as churches and charities).

Until 1980, the term “custodian” was more commonly used for this function, which dates back to the Middle Ages in Europe, where law enforcement did not exist (except that it was a private matter). The term was brought to North America, where it was replaced by the time “night watchman” (e.g. security guard), while both times were replaced by modern names based on security. The security personnel are sometimes considered to act as the private police.

While security officers are different from police officers, military personnel, federal agents, and the like, there is a growing proportion of security personnel in Australia and the United States with a past police o military background, including senior management. On the other hand, some security personnel, especially young people, use this work as a practical experience when contacting law enforcement agencies.

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