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Form learning shapes is a fundamental skill that toddlers and preschoolers learn early in life. Shapes are everywhere around us in everyday objects like television, glasses, and even the windows of our homes. But learning to recognize the many different shapes is not always easy for toddlers.

Kids of all ages love to create and create things with their own hands, and these kids’ craft ideas are a perfect way to incorporate fun and lots of learning.

Handcrafted Shapes For Children

When learning shapes, children usually start with basic shapes like circles, squares, triangles, etc. For example, using simple craft supplies like construction paper, scissors, and glue, you can make many forms of Shapes.


Here are some quick shapes ideas you can make with your kids:

A House Of Shapes

Cut out basic house shapes with construction paper in different colors. Use a square or rectangle for the house, a triangle for the roof and several circles, ovals, small squares, and rectangles for the rooms in the house.

Then ask the children to glue the house on a piece of paper. They can use ovals, circles, or any shape for the windows. Ask them to name the shapes by glue their house together.

Animal Shape Crafts

Children can create many animals, insects, and fish using some of the basic shapes. For example, create a pretty angelfish using triangular shapes to form the body, tail, and fins. Penguins are all the rage right now, and your kids can put one together with a few oval shapes and ahead circle. Use black and white construction paper or craft foam, and you can have a cute penguin in no time. Glue them on a popsicle stick, and you have an instant puppet.

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