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A snowball is a spherical object made of snow, which is usually created when you grab the snow with your hands and squeeze the snow to compact it into a ball. Snowballs are often used in games such as snowball fights.

A snowball can also be a large ball of snow formed by rolling a smaller snowball on a snow-covered surface. A smaller snowball grows, collecting extra snow while riding. The terms “snowball effect” and “snowballing” are derived from this process. The Welsh dance “Y Gasseg Eira” also got its name from the analogy of skating a big snowball. This method of forming a large snowball is often used to create the areas necessary for building a snowman.


The main physical process that makes snowballs possible is sintering, as a result of which the dense mass becomes denser as it approaches the melting point. Scientific theories of snowball formation begin with a lecture by Michael Faraday in 1842, which examines the forces of attraction between particles of ice. In the early explanations of James Thomson, regression was mentioned when a solid melted under pressure and then froze again.

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