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Stage lighting fixtures (lanterns or luminaires in Europe) are used in stage lighting to illuminate theater performances, concerts, and other performances that take place in concert venues. They are also used to illuminate television studios and sound stages.

Many terms for scenic ships differ in the United States and the United Kingdom. In the United States, lighting fixtures are often referred to as “instruments” or “units.” In the UK, they are called “lanterns” or “luminaires.” This article primarily uses terms common to the United States. The lamp housing is a metal or plastic container that serves as a body for the entire instrument and prevents light from scattering in unwanted directions. It consists of the entire outside of the device, excluding the lens or opening. The housing can be designed with special features to help reduce heat build-up and improve lamp efficiency. Old tools were made from rolled and machined steel or aluminum. With the advent of the Source Four, many lighting fixtures are being made from die-cast metal. Die casting allows you to create a single, lightweight body that is more economical to manufacture and use. The first lantern to use die castings was the Strand Model 23, designed by Fred Bentham in 1953. This small mirror spot has been in production for 30 years and has infiltrated many British schools, halls, and theaters. Some instruments are made of plastic, such as the Selecon Pacific.


The opening is the gap in the housing from which the light beam is expected to come. Many instruments use lenses to control the light beam, although some, such as edge or cyclorama lights, do not have any lenses or optics other than a reflector. The lens and reflector, together with other beam-changing devices, are considered part of the optical system.

The reflector affects the quality and direction of the emitted light. The reflector is positioned behind or around the light source to direct more light onto the lens or opening. Each unit has a characteristic reflector used in conjunction with the lens (or lack thereof) to create the desired effect. An ellipsoid reflector has a lamp located at one focal point of an ellipsoidal reflector that reflects light and focuses it at the second focal point of the ellipse. This focuses the beam of light into a narrow beam. Ellipsoid reflectors are often used for narrow, focused areas, although they can be used for spotlights such as spoons. A parabolic reflector has a lamp mounted at the focus of a parabolic reflector reflecting light in parallel beams away from the reflector. There is no moment when the light merges, so the light is not focused.

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