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A stapler is a mechanical device that connects sheets of paper or other materials by pushing a thin metal staple through the sheets and folding the ends. Government, business, offices, work places, residences, and schools all utilize staplers.

The term “stapler” can refer to a variety of various devices with distinct functions. Staplers can be used in a medical environment to connect tissue using surgical staples to seal a surgical incision, in addition to attaching paper sheets (much in the same way as sutures).

The majority of staplers are used to connect several sheets of paper. There are two types of paper staplers: manual and electric. Hand-held staplers are the most popular, however versions that can be used while sitting on a desk or other surface are also widespread. Electric staplers are available in several styles and types. Their main job is to connect a huge number of paper sheets in a short amount of time. Some electric staplers can connect up to 20 sheets at once. Staplers are often third-class levers.

The expanding usage of paper in the nineteenth century necessitated the development of a reliable paper fastener.


Stapleless staplers are a type of stapling that punches out a tiny flap of paper and weaves it through a notch. They were created in 1910. A more modern alternative technique avoids the hole by crimping the pages together instead with serrated metal teeth.

Surgical staplers can be used to seal the skin instead of sutures or during surgical anastomosis. A skin stapler differs from a regular stapler in that it lacks an anvil. The most frequent form for skin staples is a “M.” The staple is bent through the skin and into the fascia by pressing the stapler into the skin and applying pressure to the handle until the two ends almost meet in the middle form a rectangle.

Staplers are frequently utilized intra-operatively in colorectal surgery during bowel resections. These staplers frequently have an integrated knife that slices through the intestine as the staples deploy, maintaining the aseptic field. The staples, which are composed of surgical steel, are usually packaged in sterilized disposable cartridges.

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