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stick is a long thin piece of wood which is used for supporting someone’s weight or for hitting people or animals.

It is a simple tool that comes in handy when one needs to stabilize oneself or others, and it has been around for centuries. In fact, there are many archaeological sites where sticks were found with markings on them suggesting they were used for hunting and self-defense.

An important attribute of the stick is its flexibility and this allows it to be used in a wide variety of ways: by providing support for someone who has fallen, using the stick as a measuring tool, or even as a drumstick.


Sticking is a term used when an object is pushed into something else. When someone sticks something in something else, they are pushing it in.

Sticks are often used to push things in, but have many other uses too. They were originally created to be used by hunters to kill animals or gather food, but they are now more commonly used for crafts and cooking.

The word “stick” is also sometimes used as a verb when someone is being pushed into another object or person.

A stick can also refer to some other object that resembles a stick, such as a rolling pin.

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