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Temperature is an important factor in the manufacturing of medicines. Materials which are very sensitive to changes in temperature can corrode easily, so maintaining the temperature in the area of ​​manufacturing is vital importance.

The temperature was maintained under control with the temperature mapping, which means the temperature of the storage room. Various parts of the manufacturing area will have different temperatures, some of them will be cooler than other portions of some or slightly warm. Temperature mapping provides all of the different areas to achieve the desired temperature.


Fahrenheit scale was created by a German physicist named Fahrenheit in the 18th century, although it was later changed by other scientists. On the Fahrenheit scale, zero is the temperature of brine solution. The 100 degree point after being selected as the human body temperature, but it was later changed to make the freezing and boiling water exactly 180 degrees apart, 32 and 212 degrees Fahrenheit. One degree Celsius temperature scale is equivalent to the one on the scale of 5/9 degree of the Celsius temperatures scale.


Celsius temperature scale was named after the astronomer of the same name, which has created a temperature scale based on the melting and boiling points of water, although the direction of the scale were then reversed by the other scientists in the modern direction.

Kelvin temperature scale was named after physicist Lord Kelvin, who was the first to suggest that there is a lower limit temperature, known as absolute zero. It is impossible to have a temperature that is colder than absolute zero. Absolute zero is the starting point of the Kelvin scale. One single Kelvin unit has the same value as one degree Celsius.

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