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Travel is the movement of people between distant geographical locations. Travel can be on foot, by bike, car, train, boat, bus, plane, ship or other means, with or without baggage, and can be on one or two sides. Travel may also include relatively short stays between successive movements.

Travel can be local, regional, national (domestic) or international. In some countries, internal travel outside the country may require an internal passport, and international travel usually requires a passport and a visa. A travel can also be part of a two-way trip, which is a special type of travel in which a person moves from one place to another and returns.

Studies show that traveling can improve your overall health and increase your creativity. Thus, you should devote time to your daily tasks, duties, busy schedule, and daily workloads at least once a year. Plan a tour to the new city with an open schedule, and let life provide you with many opportunities.


You can learn a lot about yourself when traveling. You can see how you feel far from your country. You will understand how you feel about your homeland. You will understand how you really feel towards strangers. You will find out how much you know/don’t know about the world. You will be able to observe how you react in completely new situations. You will test your linguistic, orientation and social skills. You will not be the same person after returning home.

During the trip you will meet people who are very different from you. If you travel enough, you will learn to accept and appreciate these differences. Traveling makes you more open and welcoming.

Travel will inevitably make you more independent and confident. You will understand that you can cope with many unexpected situations. You will understand that you can survive without any help that is always available at home. Most likely, you will understand that you are much stronger and bolder than you expected.

If you are traveling, you can learn a lot of useful things. It can be anything from a new approach, from a new, more effective solution to a simple problem or from a new way of creating something.

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