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A label (as opposed to signage) is a piece of paper, plastic film, cloth, metal, or other material attached to a container or object and on which information or symbols regarding the product or item are written or printed. Labeling can also refer to information printed directly on a container or product.

Labels serve a variety of purposes, including product marketing and information about the product’s origin, the manufacturer (e.g., brand name), usage, shelf-life, and disposal, all of which may be controlled by regulation such as that for food in the United Kingdom or the United States. Production and packaging attachment methods are many and varied, and they may be subject to globally recognized standards. Hazardous items, such as poisons or flammable liquids, are required to have a warning label in many nations.


Labels can be used for various purposes, including identification, information, warnings, usage directions, environmental advice, and advertising. Stickers, permanent or temporary labels, and printed packaging are examples.

Labeling may be affixed to or integrated within the packaging. Pricing, barcodes, UPC identification, use instructions, addresses, advertisements, recipes, and other information may be included. They can also be used to detect or prevent tampering or pilferage.

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors are frequently used for ink and base stock. In the label printing industries, the Pantone system is quite popular. Metallic inks, UV inks, magnetic inks, and other specialty inks are also available. Although the ink is typically clear, it can be turned opaque. Certain corporations have been known to patent “their own” hue. Process colors are used to duplicate Pantone solid colors on digital labels.

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