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The universe is a charming and beautiful place. Loads of unknown phenomena and mysterious things that keep us wondering. Something that confused the inhabitants of the Earth for many years is the glowing lights that appear in the sky every night. Small sparks of light flickered in the dark night sky.

The stars were for a long time! A very long time. But what do we really know about them? Below are 7 facts that we really know about the stars.

1. The Stars are Giants

The largest known star is Canis Majoris, which is 2000 times larger than the sun, and the sun is large with a diameter of 864,938 miles. But this is a solar mass of stars, which makes them impressive. When we look at the mass of some of the biggest stars that we know, we usually consider them our multiplicity. For example, Carinae A is 120 times larger than our sun, but nowhere is the biggest one we know about.

2. The stars are held together by the force of gravity

It is their gravity keeps them hold together, the mass of hydrogen that creates the stars, and the gravity created by this mass keeps them together. The glue that holds the universe together also holds the stars together. No gravitational pieces of stars will be flung all over the place, and fusion will never happen.

3. The stars provide all the energy for life on Earth

Everything on the planet is here because of the stars. Every chemical substance on the planet is created in a star. Every living thing on the planet relies on the stars for energy. All energy for plants and animals on the Earth comes from our nearest star. Without the sun, there would be no life on earth.

4. The stars also come out during the day


The stars come out at night, but they are also there during the day. The difference is that our sun and earthly atmosphere drown out the light from the stars. If you are sitting at the bottom of a very deep, dark hole you can see the stars during the day. Maybe a deep well.

5. The Milky Way has more than 400 billion stars

No one knows exactly how sure they are, but there are at least 400 billion in the Milky Way. Determining how much exists in the entire universe is extremely difficult, but this is an absurd number!

Another incredible fact: each star is different from others, there are billions, but they are all different and are the ideal star because our sun star needs to be in perfect balance.

6. People have used the stars to navigate for hundreds of years.

The positions of the stars are so reliable that people have used them for hundreds of years as a starting point for navigation. People use not only the stars, but the animal kingdom also uses them. Insects and birds use the position of the stars to find their way across the planet.

7. Nuclear fusion controls the star

Stars are formed when hydrogen clouds in space collapse under the force of gravity. The sphere of matter collapses and collapses under its own gravity, while there is sufficient pressure to cause nuclear fusion.

A bonus fact. Our Sun, the nearest star to the Earth, consumes 600 million tons of hydrogen per second and provides all the energy for life on Earth.

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